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Time Bank

Time Bank in the Municipality of  Thessaloniki

Time Bank is a network which gives to its members the opportunity to exchange services and products without money. Relying on the principles of solidarity economy and eliminating the value of money, uses time as the only currency. This aims to meet different needs based not on the profit but on the use value of services and products.

Anyone can offer services or stuff and ask back services or things he/she needs. 

The Municipality of Thessaloniki and Arsis – Association for the Social Support of Youth as part of the program  ” Network of social structures to combat poverty in the Municipality of Thessaloniki “, which has been approved by the Ministry of Labour, Social Insurance and Welfare and is funded by the European Union and specifically from the European Social Fund and the Greek State and in particular by the Operational Program “Human Resources Development”, cooperate and create Time Bank.

For more information visit the site of  Time Bank in the municipality of Thessaloniki