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September was a particular month. The House of Arsis was in quarantine for about ten days and I spent a week in Italy. In the end I was absent for a fortnight: if on the one hand I was able to enjoy the mornings in the centre of Thessaloniki, which is becoming more and more fascinating for me, on the other hand I felt very lost and I missed the usual faces and voices a lot.

I had a good time in Italy, but I felt a strong desire to come back here. When I came back, I still couldn’t find Anita, who was stuck in Italy. The day I came back to the shelter it was great to be greeted again with joy; the following days were more difficult than I expected: with the start of school the little ones were more agitated than usual and helping them with their homework was not easy (the language obstacle was felt a lot, I would have liked to be much more useful in this moment of “passage”, as well as the absence of Anita’s support). But now that we are all getting the hang of it, this new routine is giving me more and more satisfaction! And finally Anita managed to come back. Sharing the new set-up with her has been nice and reassuring.

Now the summer is over, but that doesn’t stop us from living in the city and continuing to have wonderful experiences. This month there was Pride, a wonderful experience shared with the extended group of Arsis, lots of great dinners, our outing to Mount Olympus and our first birthday (happy birthday Maria!).

Although we have only known each other for a short time, during experiences of this kind relationships can become very deep.