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Network of social structures to combat poverty in the Municipality of Thessaloniki

Poverty is a violation of human dignity and abuses human rights . The Greek society is currently going through a particularly difficult period due to the economic crisis and much of the population has been led to unemployment and poverty . In a broader effort to alleviate the effects of the crisis , civil groups , businesses , organizations , public and private bodies organize actions and initiatives in support of our fellow citizens affected by poverty.

Under these efforts was developed the program “Network of social structures to combat poverty in the Municipality of Thessaloniki”, coordinated by Arsis – Association for the Social Support of Youth and the Municipality of Thessaloniki in collaboration with PRAKSIS, which has been approved by the Ministry of Labour, Social Insurance and Welfare and is funded by the European Union and from the European Social Fund and the Greek State and in particular by the Operational Program “Human Resources Development”.

The program includes the creation of a network of eight social structures to support individuals and families that are affected economically and are unable to meet basic biotic needs. The Social Grocery, the Social Pharmacy, the Dormitory for Homeless, the  Open Day Center for Homeless, the Soup Kitchen Service, the Public Kitchen Garden, the Intermediation Office and the Time Bank, address in individuals and families, residents of the municipality who are denied the right to a decent living , facing unemployment , forced in homelessness, excluded from public health.

Social Grocery

It provides food, household items and clothing to individuals and families residing in the Municipality of Thessaloniki and having difficulty coping with their daily needs.

Address: Monastiriou 53-55, 5th floor
Tel: 2310 509018

Social Pharmacy

It covers the needs for pharmaceutical care of Municipality’s residents, who are excluded from the public health by providing medicines, medical supplies for primary care and parapharmaceutical products gratis.

Address: Arkadioupoleos 1 & Agiou Dimitriou
Tel: 2310556145

Dormitory for Homeless

The Dormitory provides temporary hosting to people who live in conditions of homelessness. It is open daily, from 7 pm to 8 am.

Address: Andreou Georgiou 13
Tel: 2310526150

Open Day Center for Homeless

The Open Day Center for Homeless assists people who live in conditions of homelessness and it operates daily from 9 am to 9 pm, to a specially designed area, offering social services and the bathroom and laundry facilities. Guests have access to primary healthcare.

Address: Monastiriou 62
Tel: 2310556145

Soup Kitchen Service

It provides free lunch in a daily basis to Municipality’s residents who face financial difficulties.

Address: Eirinis 4
Tel: 2310526150

Public Kitchen Garden

It provides the possibility to 100 Municipality’s residents to cultivate their own individual piece of land to cover a part of their nutrition needs, contributing also with their production to the reinforcement of  the Social Grocery and the Soup Kitchen Service, through procedures of massive cultivation.

It is located in the area of Loutra Thermis
Tel: 2310526150

Intermediation Office

  • It offers services of social support and information services to the residents of Municipality of Thessaloniki.
  • It facilitates the communication with social and public entities and services.
  • It provides information about the activities of the Network of Social Structures.

Address: Ptolemaion 35 & Siggrou
Tel: 2310 526150

Time Bank

“An exchange network using time as currency”
A service of social networking that enhances solidarity economy, giving to its members the opportunity to exchange services and products without money.
Anyone can offer services or stuff and ask back services or things he/she needs.

Address: Venizelou 70
Tel: 2310 273312 – 2310 526150

Co-financed: European Union (European Social Fund) and Greek Ministry of Labour Social Security and Solidarity

Code: MIS 377144, Operational Programme “Human Resources Development”

Ref: 2.16564/oik.6.3845