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As for me, I decided to stay a bit longer. I felt I still hadn’t contributed in the way I would like to and think I can, and nothing as holding me back. This particular time is a very moving one, as I’m saying goodbye to friends, knowing I’m already missing their presence, perspective and support. But it is also a time of beginnings, on my own, a feeling I was used to experience and that, after these past 8 months living all together, feels bigger than before. I know I am not alone, though. There is great people from the team that I know I can ask support from and friendly people over the city willing to connect in different ways. An air of huge change can still be felt and I’m looking forward getting into it already.

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It’s hard to come to the realization that the experience is over. Everyone has left the house or is about to, and we left hanging on the walls pieces of memories. We’re happy to understand we’re part of a bigger project that will continue to bring European youth in contact with the realities we’ve lived, in this amazing corner of the world. We’ve been through quite hard situations that have pulled us completely out of our realities. What to do with this new learnings will influence the shape of our lives, probably for good. It is still overwhelming, specially in these times we live, to be aware of how much power we hold as humans, and so little at the same time. I feel that we’ve learnt how easy it is indeed to actually help, how it is possibl to make a difference. How needed.