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This month was so unlucky. I started it with COVID, spending one week all alone.  Having the room for me own, I had time and space to reflect on myself, on how I’ve changed over this time. Especially, with the finishing of the program approaching. I feel Like I’ve learnt so much and still I have such a long way ahead. I put a lot of thought on ways to make these last months matter how they should. We’re closing a meaningful life experience. So much has happened to all of us and it deserves its own space to be acknowledged and honored.

This month we celebrated Alba’s birthday, me still from a distance and with a mask and shortly after my quarantine it was Valentine’s Day. I like this festivity a lot because it gives the perfect excuse to reflect on a topic we’re all close to and still struggle so much to talk openly about. I did a workshop on the center with the teenager students, to talk about the myths we hold about romantic love that can develop unhealthy dynamics in relationships and on our own.

All along this month we’ve also had our Non violent communication workshops, having each time a deeper collaboration with the group, the social worker Eudokia and the art-educator Faye. A the kyn we also had a meeting with Maria and street worker Fhristine where we discussed about our hardships and our advices.

It’s been a very full month, even if the shorter one, and once again, I’m looking forward the next one, while still sad because, dear, it is coming to an end for real!