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Giusi Andriano_December 2020


This month things around are not very different from the previous one: the lockdown is going on and our activities are limited because of the semi-quarantine. It is basically the shortest working month, considering that during the Christmas holidays I will come back home.

My work, until the holidays, is based on the writing of articles which will be published on the ARSIS website.

The topics I covered concern hip hop culture: one talks about my relationship with dance, which has been with me for more or less 25 years, the sense of sacrifice, of renunciation (I remember that as a child I skipped many birthday parties or to went out with my friends because I had dance classes!) the sense of autodiscipline, the importance of being a part of a group, to manage the emotions of being on stage or to make any performance in public. The second article I wrote talks about the importance of being a woman in hip hop and street culture in general.

Beyond the online work, I took advantage of the period to visit the city better, together with a group of friends I met two years ago in my volunteer experience in Thessaloniki. We visited the highest part of the city “Anopolis”  which has a unique style that expresses relaxation, with its narrow streets and ancient and welcoming houses in a Balkan architecture.