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Unfortunately, my June started in the worst way possible: we had to do two weeks of quarantine, because my flatmate got covid. I wasn’t very happy about the situation because June was my last month in Thessaloniki and I would have liked to fully enjoy my time, now that the curfew and all the restrictions were completely over, but on the other hand I knew that there was nothing I could do to avoid that and also I was very lucky that this happened when there were only 2 people in the apartment instead of 7, because otherwise it would have been so difficult. The good thing was that I didn’t get covid, even if I was sharing the apartment and all the common areas with my positive flatmate, so when the period of quarantine ended, both of us were free to go out again. After that, I could go back to work, to the shelter in Pylaia and to Diavata camp and I was able to meet the boys and to say goodbye to some of them. June was a period of big changes in Pylaia because finally some guys were able to obtain the family reunification, so they left Greece in order to go to other countries like Germany, Norway and UK. I was very happy for them because they had been waiting for years and they really deserve a better life with more possibilities, but of course I was also a little bit sad because I bounded with some of them (there was also my pupil of German between them) and I knew I would miss them. Also in Diavata some of the girls left and it was also very heart-breaking because after 3 months in the Qrt team I was fond of them.

Beside the work, everything was very nice, I decided to fully use the remaining time and to do everything I was able to do, going to all the events, going to the beach, meeting all my friends and doing some weekend trips, for example to Halkidiki. Unfortunately it was a little bit hard to do everything because of the heat: for more than two weeks the temperature was really hot, always over 30 degrees and usually also over 35 and it remained very high even at night, so it was also very difficult to sleep because we didn’t have air conditioning in the house. It was very hot also at the shelter, so David and I decided to bring the boys to the beach two times per week, it was very nice for all of us and we had a lot of fun.

I’m very happy about the experience and I’m probably gonna miss everybody, my friends, the boys from the shelter and the girls from Diavata. It was amazing to meet them and they have taught me so much, probably a lot more than what I taught them.  

Ginevra Lella June 20214
Ginevra Lella June 20212
Ginevra Lella June 20213