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Paola Aiello_May

The EVS Adventure Begins

First Impressions

My experience in Thessaloniki started with a delayed flight – Σιγά σιγά style – and a warm welcome at the airport by my EVS colleagues in Arsis projects, Saadia and Dario. I was expecting to meet someone new, so I was a bit nervous, however my perceptions were immediately positive and rewarding. We started speaking in French which I really appreciated, since I was hoping to find someone with whom I could still practice this difficult and beautiful language. While on the bus during the way I saw the sea side (the port) and I was so excited, but the guys revealed to me that one could not actually swim in it because of pollution – I was shocked! – So, my welcoming was also quite traumatizing. We arrived at our accommodation located right in front of the train station, and I already felt I was in the right place at the right moment! Later that night I went to eat a σουβλάκι with some of the flat mates by our place. I had already understood that a great love with Greek food had just started! Then, they showed me around the china town of the city, our hood and I adored it. There are so many graffiti and pieces of street art that I could get myself lost for days!

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