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David Ajenjo_January 2021

The beginning of this year was nice. I spend these days in a friend´s house in Thessaloniki, was the first year that I don’t spend Christmas with my family and friends, was different but very special too.

Some days after I got very sick and I had to go to the hospital because I got amigdalitis and I spent three days in the hospital , such an adventure….When I finally went out of the hospital I had to rest a little bit at home but I got better quickly. 

Two days after it was so cold and started to snow, the city became so beautiful and I went with some friends  to see the city views in Ano Poli.

David Ajenjo January 2021
David Ajenjo January 2021 2

In the middle of this month, good news has finally arrived, we can start to work again at least two days per week. It was amazing seeing the boys again, I missed them a lot. I kept teaching  classes, Spanish with some boys because they want to go to Spain with their relatives and also English lessons with some boys because they know it is very important for their future, it is so nice seeing their motivation in the classes, i’m very proud of them.

Out of classes I just try to spend the days with them talking; about their concerns, future or just about life in general, trying to give them the best advices because I feel they trust in me and I want the best for them. Also I try to propose some games so they don’t stay with the phone all day, they spend too much time with it, but in general they listen to me.

David Ajenjo January 2021 3

To try to do something different, the weekends i try to go to a different places in Thessaloniki.

Last week i went with some friends to Kalochori lagoon to go for a walk to this nice place when you can enjoy the amazing views of this lake and some animals like flamingos, buffals, pelicans and more. You can also see almost all Thessaloniki and Chortiatis Mount  too.

David Ajenjo January 2021 4

This weekend we went to Pavlos Mela, which was the second major concentration camp for the Nazis in  Greece during the Second World War, now abandoned. 

Very close to Pavlos Mela, there is an Allied military cemetery and World War I memorial park, the largest military cemetery in Greece, it is so impressive.

David Ajenjo January 2021 5
David Ajenjo January 2021 6