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October has been a really fast and full of events month. I went back to the shelter and I started to adapt to the new rythm imposed by the school and the homeworks. We tried to find ways of intertaining the kids in their free time and we had very nice moments: we cooked pasta, we went to the cinema and we played new games with the kids. And next week we will cook pizza!

In the first days of the month we welcomed a new girl at the shelter; she speaks only French and I am very glad I can help her by translating between French and English. We spend a lot of time together and we started English lessons with her. It is very nice to see how she is starting to feel more comfortable and happy in the house, leaving behind her sad past. 

We continued our photography project,  we went to football, basketball and badmington lessons to take pictures of the kids and we also captured leisure moments in the house. We will create a nice wall with all the pictures of the kids and I can’t wait to see it! 

In my free time, I had a lot of new experiences with the other volunteers: we went to the beer festival and to the food festival, two very nice moments, and I had visits so I could see the town again as a tourist. I went to Kalkidiki and it was amazing to see the see in winter.