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I could share one thing that I have learnt from every of the eight months that I have spent here, but the reality is that I have learnt much more than that. 

I’ve assimilated so much about myself, my strong points, my weaknesses and my limits. The importance of being aware about the reality that is surrounding you and how to connect with it. The power of sharing kindness and love even with the ones that you don’t have a strong relationship with. The significance of growing in a stable and supporting ambiance. The necessity of the human being of being loved and recognise as a valued person. To realise the lack of empathy that some people have facing injustices. The importance of being in contact with other realities in order to understand how the world works… and so many thing that I couldn’t name it all here. 

This year in Greece also has made me connect in a very deep way with the necessity that humans have to create community in order to have a net that could support you and makes you feel that your life is not hanging by a threat. It has pushed me to rethink about what I’m going to do with my life and the tools that my society have given to me in order to achieve a more equitable and fair world, so from now I think my way to be in live and perceive the reality is going to be influenced by all this experience and all the knowledge that I have acquired. 

I’m so grateful to Greek people for their welcoming nature and also to all the refugees that I have met this year, I only hope that I have given to them just the half that they have given to me.