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The fist week of January I was in the south of Greece, in the Peloponeso, visiting amazing cities full of mithology and history. Apart from Athens, wich is incredibly beautiful, I specially like Delfos because of the amazing functioning of the Oracle. 

Also I enjoyed a lot the tsipuro mese in Volos, the archeological sites in Mykines or the awesome fortification fo Monemvasia. I got really surprise about the amount and attitude of the montain in Greece, even in the south, very close to the sea. 

We also went to the mount Chortiatis and it was completely full of snow! The landscape was amazing and we arrived in the shelter just in the perfect momento fro taking a hot soup and get warm in the fire. It is very close to Thessaloniki and we loved it so probably we will plan to go again in the future. 

Inside the Shelter, January was a calm period when we tried to re-start the activities that we paused during Christmas. We tried to create a rutine of english lessons in the middle of the afternoon, specially for the ones that don’t know anything bout english. Also we started to spend a lot of time in the teaching room playing games like table games, games in the phone or drawing in the keyboard. 

This month a lot of boys from Siria arrived and most of them can not communicate in english, so it is being a little bit hard to try to connect with them and help them to get integreted in the house, but still, they are doing it very well. 

Let’s see if we can keep the routine for the next months!