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ARSIS activities are related to a wide field of social intervention, which is provided through a variety of support services. Those actions are only possible with the cooperation of our professionals such as social workers, political scientists, sociologists, psychologists and the team of our willing and fully educated volunteers.

Our organization is counting on the offer and participation of volunteers that provide their services in a variety of different social fields under the supervision of our scientific staff.

The volunteers participating in ARSIS are people from all ages that come to us with the will to offer to the society. We provide them with the proper education and experience to make this happen. We work hard to improve the lives of young people living in disadvantaged social-economic conditions and for that mission we fight every day against racism and discrimination at all levels. Together we create the character of our organization and carry forward the values of equity and solidarity.

Your participation contribute to the motivation of others in actions and activities in our goal to support vulnerable social groups in high risk of victimization and marginalization.

ARSIS always welcomes new people and new ideas, which leads to a better and more participatory society and is always ready to adjust them in its projects.

Become a volunteer in ARSIS:

  • Call us or pass by from our head offices in order to get informed in detail for our Services and actions, in the city you are interested in!
  • Fill in the e-form for volunteers and we will contact you as soon as possible!
  • Take action to the field that interest you the most and be a part of the change of life conditions in our society for good!