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September was a month of changes at the shelter, the most important of which was the beginning of school.

As in every part of the world the children were divided between the enthusiasts of this new beginning and the most afraid of having  to face homework and lessons , but all kids are now more active and willing to participate in activities to relax after their morning commitments.

Now it is much more common for them to get together for group sports such as volleyball, football and cricket,some of them have discovered the pleasure of cooking not only for themselves but also for others.

Conversations with them become more and more stimulating and their level of English improves day by day.

Their daily commitment to school with subjects such as mathematics, Greek and English has awakened in them the desire to try ,with our help , more artistic courses such as music, drawing or painting .

To emphasize this atmosphere of novelty this month some guys just left following new opportunities in other cities or countries.Others, on the other hand, arrived and immediately integrated into the group

The only ones who have not noticed this wind of change are the cats, who continue to doze blissfully at the shelter.