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With the arrival of cold weather at the shelter the activities moved inside, this month the lessons of English, art and music have therefore become more frequent.

However we managed to take advantage of a sunny Sunday to organize an activity with the sea scouts, the boys had the opportunity to play various group games and discover the general rules on how to use a rowboat.

In this period we are having many departures and numerous new arrivals but thanks to the experience gained in the previous months it was very easy to immediately create links with the new guys who immediately showed their willingness to learn and interact with us and with the other guys in the centre.

This month we volunteers took advantage of the free weekends to visit some locations in northern greece such as Kavala, Meteora and Ioannina.

Although are not very famous places outside of greece I was pleasantly struck by the naturalistic  beauties of Meteora and by the archaeological and cultural value of these cities