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The project aims to address an issue of great importance in Greece: the guardianship for UAMs. Through this specific project we aim to create a methodological guide for guardianship corresponding to the evaluation of the situation in Greece, through the valuable input and the experience of the partner, which has a lot of experience in the particular field, as well as with the contribution of a plethora of NGOs and stakeholders.

In Greece there is not an official statistical data collection system for UAMs. But according to estimations and reports by competent agencies and stakeholders, it is estimated that there is an increasing number of UAMs nationwide. Indicatively, according to UNCHR (2008), the number of identified children is estimated up to 1000, without including those that they have not been located. Out of them most are undocumented, totally deprived of access to any right.  Despite several efforts during the last years, through legislative amendments and awareness activities by CSOs, still there are many legal gaps both on provisional and implementation level. The main gap is directly related to the absence of guardianship system for UAMs, resulting in the restriction of children’s rights and on negative impacts on their lives. Note that the presidential decree providing for the function of the guardianship institution in Greece is pending since 1996. Currently, the Prosecutor for Minors is temporarily assigned as guardian for unaccompanied minors, being charged with the guardianship responsibility for hundred of minors and without being able to correspond to the demanding daily needs of every minor.

Arsis has been activated in several programs for accommodation, legal representation and integration of unaccompanied minors in the educational system and the Greek society in general for the last 10 years. Therefore, it is understood that in order to be able to apply the general guidelines for the protection of minors in line with international and EU norms (Convention for Rights of the Child), and especially those related with the special nature of the refugee and asylum seeking children (UNCHR guidelines), it is necessary to have a comprehensive, targeted and methodologically aware application and activation of the institution of guardianship.

For this reason with this project we are trying to take advantage of partner’s experience in order to educate, arise awareness of the participating stakeholders and create in common spirit a methodological guide concerning the implementation of the institution of guardianship in Greece. This particular guide will include both legal arrangements that should be implemented and specific implementation procedures of guardianship, such as the selection criteria of the guardian, types of guardianship (long- or short- term), training of guardians etc.

The project works complementary to another proposal filed under the same terms and notices of invitation imprinting a regulatory framework for the operation of centers for unaccompanied minors in order to present a consistent and comprehensive final proposal on the protection and support of unaccompanied minor refugees and asylum seekers in Greece.


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