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With the arrival of autumn and the bad weather at the beginning of October, our trips outside the city have decreased. Despite this, the city is still very much alive and there is no shortage of things to do.

This month, in fact, there have been several visits to museums, such as that of photography, and the food festival, which reminded me a lot of the one in my city, I was thrilled.

Then I had my first visit: after the first three days in Χανιά, which I found beautiful, I acted as “tour guide” in Thessaloniki. During those days I also felt like a tourist and seeing the city from this point of view was interesting. At the end of the week, I was even happier to be having this experience here.

October was also the month of the On Arrival Training. Although I would have preferred to do it in person and get to know the other people better, the online mode was not badly organised and we were given useful information.

The days of the training from home allowed me to rest a bit, but I missed the Arsis House.

Despite the week’s break and the afternoons full of homework, we managed to offer some activities that I was happy about: we cooked pasta together, I discovered the art of origami and I had the chance to brush up on my French. Because at the shelter, a new girl arrived from Congo, who relied on us because we are the only people she can communicate with because of the language. I’m still sad about M.’s departure, but very happy to be able to be useful for E. Even though sometimes I wish I could be even more useful. Coming up against their stories is really difficult.

I’m fine here and time is passing too quickly.