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January has been a very busy month at the shelter. Due to many absences, our help has been needed more than usual. While it has been tiring, I have felt a lot of satisfaction in being helpful and experiencing the shelter more intensely.
What I’m noticing most these days and what makes me happiest is that now all the children and young people, even the less expansive ones who kept their distance in the beginning, now trust us. To see them asking for our help and seeking us out is wonderful!

Despite the work, I have been able to enjoy the beautiful sunny days of the last few weeks. I will never tire of walking along the seafront and this will be one of the things I will miss most about the city.

January was also the month of an exhausting but beautiful trip outside Thessaloniki, to the mountains covered in snow. I never expected so much snow here!

It seems to me that the closer the end date of our project gets, the faster time passes. I am starting to feel a little melancholy, but I am ready to live these last months as best as I can.