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I have come to the end of this experience. I don’t even know how to explain all that I have learned and all the beautiful moments I have experienced.

I can definitely say that it was very nice and educational to be constantly in a multicultural and sharing environment. The experience with the housemates and in the house was very positive. With the affections that have been created I have had the possibility to go to events, go on tours and travel, which has been a fundamental part of these eight months.
Being a volunteer in the House of Arsis has been great. Being in close contact with children and young people with a certain background and being there for them has given me so much from a human point of view. In addition to this, I can say that the experience was very educational and professionalising: I realised that I will certainly want to continue in the future in the field of cooperation and reception.

During these eight months, therefore, I was able to experience many things, from social life and travel to work and service. A perfect mix!

I say goodbye to this experience with the photos of the last days and already a great melancholy. 

Thank you Arsis, thank you Thessaloniki.