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February passed very quickly.

In the shelter new volunteers and workers have arrived. I’m happy that things are going with the usual rhythm now, but I’m sad to have discovered that the cook will no longer be with us.

I found the children and the teens full of energy: during this month, in fact, we had the opportunity to go for walks with them and to go outside the shelter, around Oraiokastro and in the centre of Thessaloniki. I’m happy because this has allowed us to deepen our relationship, especially with the older ones.

Finally, it was very nice to attend the carnival days: there was a lot of fun in the house and playing with costumes was very entertaining. And the atmosphere in the city in general was amazing (and the souvlaki too ).

February was also a month full of visits. Friends came to visit me. I’m happy to have seen Thessaloniki in a more touristy way this past month and to have visited Meteora again. Everyone loved the city!

The month then ended with my birthday. We celebrated together with an Italian dinner. I was happy that they enjoyed everything and how we spent the evening. I have great roommates and travel companions!

Ah! I had the chance to go to the cinema several times in the last few weeks. As a fan, I had missed it a lot and I found some cinemas in Thessaloniki really delightful.

An other wonderful discovery: a russian-georgian restaurant very close to our house. Wow!

I’m now starting my last three weeks here. I feel a lot of different emotions. I’m so sorry to leave this city and to end this experience: both have given me so much.