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Raquel Florido Cortés_November

The adventure continues and my second month opens my eyes in Park Hotel, in Volos, another of the wonderful cities of Greece. With sun, sea, calm and chaos at the same time. On arrival training had prepared many surprises for us that we could not even imagine, the biggest of which was meeting a group of wonderful people, many of whom are still friends. During a whole week we were doing different activities and dynamics to get into the culture, to know the gastronomy, to enjoy the history and to clarify and to see our objectives. In addition, we were able to share fears and concerns, as well as important information about the rights and obligations of the EVS.

Raquel Florido Cortes November 1

I know and will always remember that on our last day, when our trainers asked us about our feelings and mixed emotions my answer was clear and sincere: “It’s the first time in Greece that I don’t feel alone”. For me it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Volos, was not only a great experience because of the team of professionals and friends, but also because it made me take the decision to tackle a change within my project.

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