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Raquel Florido Cortés_December


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Time goes by as usual quickly, and even more so when one returns home.

I spent Christmas in different places. I started in Spain, checking that everything was just as I left it, enjoying the warmth of my family and friends, and sharing with them many of the experiences that Greece is giving me. The holidays continued with the company of one of my Spanish friends in Sofia, the Bulgarian capital, where we enjoyed many activities including a super interesting free tour, as well as the snow. We returned together to Thessalonica to celebrate the end of the year.

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On December 31st, we prepared at home an international dinner with typical dishes from different countries sharing traditions in a lovely day and saying goodbye to 2019 in Aristotle Square with live music and a countdown marked by fireworks that illuminated the sea.

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The company of my friend these days made me realize that I had really accomplished a lot in three months. I knew perfectly the most important monuments and places of the city, as well as details of the history. I had also significantly improved my level of English, even if the situation required it, I could hold some very basic conversation in Greek. Besides that, I have a social network that allows me to feel comfortable in different environments. The location of Greece makes it comfortable and easy to travel to different countries, so we also visited the city of Ohrid in North Macedonia. And I can say, it was love at first sight.