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DIAPLOUS means the sea pass and the homonym Project, which was funded by the “Asylum and Migration” programme of the EEA Grants Greece, started its journey in June 2020 and completes it at the end of February. 

Due to the completion of the implementation of the “DIAPLOUS” Project, an online event will be held on Thursday, February 24th from 12 to 2 pm. To participate in the event, please be registered at the link below:

Throughout the “DIAPLOUS” project, that ARSIS- Association for the Social Support of Youth has implemented, a total of 79 accommodation places were created for vulnerable asylum seeker unaccompanied minors and vulnerable women, asylum seekers in Greece.

During the twenty months of the Project’s operation, 140 persons were allocated in these places. The persons were from the Middle East, Asia and Africa and they were in need of systematic support concerning their everyday life and their future choices.

Apartments for Vulnerable Women- Asylum Seekers

In particular, 16 accommodation places were created in the area of Thessaloniki, where 20 vulnerable women asylum seekers and 17 children (9 boys and 8 girls) were hosted.

A total of 37 women and children were hosted from 0 to 65 years. The women were victims of gender violence. The 20 are adult women (9 are single and 11 are single parents), and 17 children (9 boys and 8 girls), while three of the women gave birth during their participation in the project.

The countries of origin are Iran, Syria, Iraq, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Algeria and Somalia.

House of ARSIS

In addition, through 15 places at the Shelter of Emergency Accommodation for Children at risk “The House of Arsis”, unaccompanied minors from 5 to 18 years old were able to find a safe home.

The children were provided with specialized services and care according to their best interests. The cases of the children proceeded and the vast majority of these were completed despite the difficulties, mainly due to the pandemic.

In these places, a total of 31 children were accommodated. The children’s origin countries, of which 11 are boys and 19 girls, are Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Vietnam and Sub-Saharan Countries.

Semi-Independent Living Apartments 

Furthermore, a total of 12 apartments were also operated, in the context of semi-independent living, for unaccompanied boys aged 16 to 18, with 48 accommodation places in Thessaloniki, Kavala, Drama and Ioannina.

In these places, 72 unaccompanied adolescent boys were hosted, who were referred by the Safe Zones, which were operated by ARSIS until November 2021. However, some minors were also referred by unaccompanied minors’ shelters.

The adolescents’ countries of origin are Syria, Afghanistan, Egypt, Algeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Morocco, Sudan and Somalia.

Overall, 19 children managed to reunite with their relatives in other European countries, 8 children were eligible for the relocation program and travelled to Europe, while 19 came of age and were safely referred to adults’ accommodation projects.

For more information: Thalia Siopi, Project Manager of “DIAPLOUS” Project, tel.: 6982489570

The project DIAPLOUS is being implemented under the “Asylum and Migration” programme of the EEA Grants Greece, by the ARSIS – Association for the Social Support of Youth. The “Asylum and Migration” (Addressing urgent needs for the reception and screening of asylum seekers and for the accommodation of vulnerable groups) programme in Greece, financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, was awarded a total budget of 16,5 million euros as part of the EEA Grants 2014 – 2021. The program aspires to contribute to ensuring legal protection, support and care for the most vulnerable asylum seekers, with emphasis on unaccompanied children. The Fund Operator for the “Asylum and Migration” programme in Greece is SOL Consulting S.A in partnership with Human Rights 360.

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