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In Greece

In Europe:

  • FEANTSA European Federation of Non Governmental Organisations working for and with the Homeless
  • EAPN – European Anti-Poverty Network
  • EOEF – Εuropean Offender Employment Forum
  • ΕURONET – European Children’s Network
  • CRIN – Child Rights Information Network
  • SEECRAN – Southeast European Child Rights Action Network
  • EPA – Εuropean Playwork Association
  • STEP BY STEP -Network for Youth Exchanges
  • EUROCHIPS – Network acting to protect the rights of the children of imprisoned parents
  • SCEP – Separated Children European Programme
  • ARIADNE – Network against Human Trafficking and Human Rights for SE and Eastern Europe
  • Social Inclusion and Vocational Integration of Asylum Seekers and Victims of Human Trafficking / SaviAV
  • BECAN Network –  Bacn Epidemiological Study on Cild Abuse & Neglect
  • EFCW – European Forum on Child Welfare
  • EU Civil Society Platform against trafficking in human beings
  • Campaign for the access to asylum

International Networks: