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The month of September was the fastest so far,it started and it ended in a blink of an eye. Still,it was full of events. In the middle of the month my boyfriend came to visit me and I took some days off in order to discover the city and Halkidiki together. After the vacation it was a bit hard to reconnect with the job especially at the shelter realized that for the kids it is important to have a consistent relationship with the workers and the volunteers and even few days can slow down the process of knowing each other. I have realized this even better after the last week of September when we all stayed home in order to follow a training with the National Agency. In just one week lot of things changed at the shelter and when we came back 3 kids were gone,moved to other shelters or reunited with their families. It was really sad not having the chance to say bye to them and that made me feel again a bit disconnected from the place. At the same time by the end of the month I realized that my relationship with the kids was getting stronger and thanks to that me and Maria were able to achieve some goals such as completing organized activities with them. For what it concerns the city’s discover, in September all the erasmus students arrived and we could see that the night life of the city was getting more active. I am getting used to going out with Maria and Alice,finding new nice spots where having a beer or going to concerts; it makes me perceive Thessaloniki as more “mine”. Even if this month was full of emotionally ups and downs,I think it was an important one for my experience here.