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I’ve arrived in Thessaloniki the 20th of July and at first I was a bit lost and confused by this chaotic and big city. After few days I discovered my favourite spot in Ano Poli and I was able to start feeling the city as a place for me, like a place that could eventually become home. I had an entire week to adapt myself before starting to work so I’ve used it to discover new places and to know my first flatmate Laura. The idea of starting to work scared me and excited me at the same time: I’ve decided to join the project at the House of Arsis and the one at the Streetwork, two projects that let me discover new realities and situations that I’ve never lived before. During the month of August I was completely absorbed by the shelter and the kids, learning how to build a relationship with them is satisfying but hard and I know that I couldn’t manage the life at the shelter if I were alone, I am really glad that I have the opportunity to share this experience with Maria and to cooperate to come up with ideas for the kids. August was also the month of our first vacation all together as flatmates in Samothraki and the month of the first visit from Italy. The arrival of my friends the last week of August signed the end of the summer for me; even though the weather is still hot, in my mind September has always been a month of new beginnings and I can’t wait to see what the autumn will bring me this year in this new place.