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November has been a great month. There was a lot happening lately, for example the Film Festival in Thessaloniki! Every year, the city gathers different movie makers that show their creations in an international festival in the city. It was very nice, I personally assisted to a couple of them and the feeling of coming back to a theatre was something I had been missing.

The projects had some special days this month. For example, in DIAPLOUS we commemorated the international day for the elimination of violence against women. This was the 25th of November and we had a great workshop. We collected different images, messages, feelings… and put them together in the creation of two posters that helped us express what we all women struggle with and to raise our voice together.

In SIL some new minors arrived and we are arranging new classes. It feels very good for both them and myself to have again group classes where they can interact and learn English having a good time.

On the other hand, this month we realized we had not been outside of Thessaloniki for a long time and that “winter was coming….” So we organized two awesome weekend trips. We visited Kavala, Meteora, Ioannina and Vikos Gorge… it was amazing. The landscapes of autumn with its wide variety of colors in the nature were incredible.

And now, winter is coming… but also Christmas lights and celebrations. I am very optimistic about December and I hope we can have some special moments in the projects and at home!