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And now this amazing experience has come to an end. It is difficult to put words into my feelings because I know that I will need some time when I go back home to process all that I lived these eight months. 

I am very thankful for the opportunity that I had and I will encourage every person to go through the ESC programs if they have the chance. 

I am a different person from the one that arrived to Thessaloniki in a hot afternoon the 20th of July of 2021. I have seen other realities and I want to keep searching for them from now on. I learnt to be connected to the world and to widen my thoughts, to open my eyes and my heart. I have been surrounded many times by tragic stories and I have seen the hypocrisy, privileges, interests, violence of our society more than ever. It scares me, it makes me mad. But I also realized that to injustices, craziness, hypocrisy and pain the only answer is love and that I will never be able to change the things at a big level, but that helping even just one person can make a difference. We cannot look other side.

I have met wonderful people that have made me grow incredibly and I have been able to share a lot of myself, inside home, in the projects, in ARSIS… and I feel full of love.

I have discovered a wonderful country with wonderful people. I am very happy for that. I have travelled and experienced the city I have enjoyed a lot during these time. Greece and overall Greeks will always be part of my life.