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A new year has started and the first month went so fast. I am starting to realize that this experience is coming to an end and I have some bittersweet feelings. I do not want to leave so soon but at the same time I feel that we still have two great months ahead to do a lot of things and enjoy.

January was veeery cold but it was a good month. We welcomed the year in Thessaloniki and continued our life here. 

It was my last month in DIAPLOUS project and I was very sad about it. DIAPLOUS was a great initiative carried out by a wonderful team and now it will be closed by the end of February. The projects work like that sometimes… they have their fundings and it is something temporary but the women are being transferred to new programs, and as far as I am following them they are going to be ok in this new journey.

Something ends and something begins. I am now participating, for this short period left, in volunteering activities in the Shelter for vulnerable refugee families “Filoxenio”. The beginning has gone very well. One of the beneficiaries of the previous project was transferred there and we spend a lot of time together doing classes as she just started school and is really motivated to study and learn.

Outside the project, the visits of this month were to Vergina and Pella and to Mount Chortiatis. The tombs of Vergina are really something worth visiting! It was a nice day trip. As for Chortiatis, it was all full of snow and we enjoyed a nice and risky hiking, it was full of ice…!

February is the last complete month that we will be here. Let’s enjoy it and get involved!