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December has been, as usual, a month of celebrations. To begin with, we had the international day of volunteers which was celebrated at Aristotelus Square. It was a day where volunteers from all different organizations in Thessaloniki gathered and promoted their activities. It was a fun sunny day.

Referred to the projects, this month seemed like a more stable one in terms of routines. Classes happened in a more regular way with a new schedule and we had some special activities. For example, DIAPLOUS promoted its program through a photography exposition about Migration from artists all over the world, and we also had a small Christmas celebration with the beneficiaries.

From a more personal perspective, Christmas was this year very different and special. It was my first time celebrating it far from my family, but I enjoyed a lot Christmas and New Year’s celebrations with my new international family. We had nice dinners at home and gladly no incidents with Covid.

And now… I am uncertain and excited about how the projects and the experience in general will follow. DIAPLOUS program is coming soon to an end, so it is time to participate in other activities. It leaves me sad to say goodbye to the wonderful people I met here and shared moments with, both the beneficiaries and the team, as well as imagining this program being over. However, I hope these the wonderful strong women will have better opportunities in life and that they remember this time as an enriching period in their life. 

Let’s see what January brings with all these new things coming…