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The month of September for me has been like sitting in front of the sea and watching the
waves begin to calm down at the end of the day. This calm has allowed me to step into my
projects and understand my role in them. I have started to create relationships with the
children and to enjoy the small details of my day to day life.
On the other hand, this last month I have also felt that I have adapted more to the city, I
have started to meet more people and discover new places, and most importantly, to have
places to go when I am looking for a peaceful and alone time.

At the Kyn I have started to get involved in the sports session every Thursday and it is an
activity that I currently enjoy very much. I like to see how we can get a lot of people from
different backgrounds together and enjoy playing basketball or volleyball. More and more
people are coming and we make this activity a time also to see each other and do different
things together. Also, I am very happy because I do it with my teammates Laura, Alice and
Alex and it is an opportunity to participate together in a project.
We have also started a workshop every Friday on stress in which we are starting to create a
space of trust among all of us to lose shame, gain confidence and be able to talk about
sensitive issues in company.

At the House of Arsis Miriam and I are becoming more and more present and are being
given more responsibility as time goes by. We are both creating closer relationships with
some of the children but it is also very comforting to see how we are already known by
everyone and in a way, part of the house. This month we have spent most of the time
outside because the weather was very nice and the children wanted to play all the time. I
think this month we have strengthened our relationship with them, and also both of us have
continued to learn about the dynamics that occur here and how to act in different situations.
Thessaloniki has come alive this last month, there are now lots of students and events every
week. In fact, we have participated in two festivals where we have been able to meet other
organizations in the city and become aware of other projects in which more volunteers are
involved. Finally, the good weather has not gone away and we have been able to visit
Halkidiki, one of those beaches that come to mind when someone mentions Greece.