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During the month of December I have seen how the seeds that I have been planting throughout these months have already taken root. Those roots now connect me in a different way to the House of ARSIS, making me feel like another pillar of it. This month I felt like I was walking, playing and laughing in a house that I am also part of. 

I have done many things with the kids, from some activities that have remained week after week to new ones that we had not done before. One of those activities that we have continued to do together are gymnastics and yoga classes, which although often have nothing to do with gymnastics and yoga, are the perfect excuse to lay on the floor and laugh non-stop. 

I have also continued my weekly English classes with Ali. This is one of my favorite activities because we get to have a good time while he learns English and improves more and more. 

But we have also done new things. We started with a bunch of wooden sticks and ended up with a magnificent house that stood upright and ended up being called “Το Σπίτι Της ΑΡΣΙΣ”. We also made handmade bracelets with only plastic tubes, colored threads and oil. Doing art activities started out as a big challenge for me, as I had to keep many things in mind at the same time and get everything right. Now, I feel comfortable to do group activities and I enjoy it much more. We have also baked together; cakes, pancakes, bread and cookies. 

One of the most special days for me this month was Christmas Day, as I went to the house and spent a few hours with all the children. It was a very special moment. I painted their faces (most of then chose to be “the Joker”) and then we all played football together. 

In December I visited Istanbul for five days, its streets and landscapes impressed me more than I expected. It is a unique destination where you can appreciate the beauty of the different. 

But in December I also understood how much I like Thessaloniki and how much I will miss it.