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MAR ALONSO QUIROS_September 2021

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It’s the final days of the summer. The city feels tighter and tighter as students and workers come back from the holiday season, and it can be felt in bars and in buses. Egnatia roars louder than usual and finally, the weather calls for a light jacket in the evenings. It is beautiful to see the way cities are transformed with the seasons and the people that inhabit them.

In KYN a lot of things have changed since last month. We welcomed new psychology students in their practice. To gain back the dynamic of lessons after the covid shutdown we had has been a little bit difficult, and also adapting one to eachother being all new faces. Gladfully, english lessons could still happen and I was more than lucky to be able to witness the evolution in the students, how they start getting more comfortable and speak more and more. It is a delight to see them learn in such a playful environment. I have a lot of fun and I learn a lot how difficult it is to teach. As weeks pass by it gets easier and also harder in a weird way. The more you know, the more you realize you still don´t know.

One thing that I learnt is that clear communication is paramount to avoid hurting people around you. Be it at work with students, beneficiaries or in own personal relationships, being able to state clear intentions and not create false expectations is key to healthy relationships and interactions. Sometimes it is hard to put your face in a situation where people are angry at you because the information is not clear and everything is confusing. Acknowledging their feelings and our own is the first step to

establish an honest interaction. This I´m trying to practice everyday, as I believe is key for justice, in its smallest and biggest meaning.

I dont have pictures to attach as I am not the kind that takes a lot of pictures. Hopefully in next reports I will be able to share in a more graphic way my experience. Thanks for reading!