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This last month has been a weird month. We had our traineeship for voluntarios and it worked both as a booster and as a drainer of energy. We were away from our voluntary placements for a week while connecting with volunteers from other places around Greece while talking about our experience as foreigner here and learning some basics of the culture while also reflecting on our own learning processes and goals and also on the possibility of putting into practice our very own personal project. It troubled me a bit, because I could realize I was forgetting a bit the things that push me forwards regarding my field of studies and work and the very reason why I chose to volunteer in the first place. As said before, the lack of funding that exists generally in the third sector organizations and social services areas in general has a lot of volunteers taking the role and responsibility of workers. That should not be like that, we know, but it is in so many organizations and ways. In this sense it is very easy to forget that our role is supportive and that the fact that we are outsiders is a positive take, and that we are not included in the structure is an opportunity. This conflicts with the roles that we take but surely is an opportunity of growth and learning on how to be able to still contribute in alignment with our values when we aren’t given the power to change or to act.

So, this month I was very moved by all these reflections that arose in the training and that leaked even beyond my daily routine and affected the way I am even in the city.

 Again, another month, I am beyond grateful for the people I have around me and that help me go through all of this without losing myself in the way. Grateful for all the people that remind me the things I live for and how to have fun and be gentle even when I’ve been taught that life is resignation, futile effort and frustration. I couldn’t ask for better companionship along this path I’m walking.

AH, also, it is beetroot season so I baked vegan beetroot and chocolate cake and it turned out great. There are no pictures, we ate it all. This month has also been filled with chocolate.  So a great month, in the end!