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Manuel Ferrara_November 2020

 The one just passed, it was a very difficult November. If before I could go to help the boys at the refugee camp in Diavata, one day I found myself in a new lock-down again. This Covid doesn’t leave us a moment of peace, because you are forced to live with something you can’t handle. I always have to be careful those few times I go out for shopping. With the kids at home is fine, they are super nice and we are now a family. We support each other in these very difficult times, laughing and joking.

Manuel Ferrara November 2020

It worries me that I have to stay away from the kids for the duration of the lock-down. I would like to stay with them and take care of them, but at the moment it is not possible. Better days will surely come and I can’t wait to be able to hug them again (just kidding, momentarily touching our elbow) and give my time to them.