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When I arrived in Thessaloniki, almost two months ago, I did not expect to live such a beautiful adventure! In these months I did not expect to meet such fantastic people and above all, this experience is fulfilling my expectations in every way. Being in contact with unaccompanied minors in the Diavata refugee camp is one of the best experiences ever. It makes me feel alive and above all useful. When I return home after being with them and teaching them, I feel good as if the world is turning in the right direction.

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The situation is difficult because of the lockdown and this is a bit scary but never as scary as having to stay away from them. 

With the roommates instead, it goes very well, I expected that being in 5 in a house could be a problem for the spaces and other things, it’s not really like that at all. I’m really happy to have these companions of adventure, with whom to share worries and laughter! It will be another 6 more fantastic months; I am absolutely sure!