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October was full of movement. At the beginning of this month I went to Mount Olympus. The adventure was organized by a group of Erasmus friends from Germany and France. Even if the goal was to try to reach the peak only one fulfilled it and the others ended up feeling like Gods but by relaxing our muscles on the nearest beach. It was a funny experience but maybe we were not mentally and physically (so windy up there) prepared. Right after that, we had Alice’s birthday and we tried some Pakistan sweets. 

However, my favorite event was when my family came from Madrid to visit Athens with me. We just spent 4 days together but it was perfect since it’s been the longest time I’m far from them. It was not my first time in Athens but the other didn’t count since I didn’t get to visit everything like I did. We really did a good job going to all the monuments and even to Mount Licabeto to have views of the city and the sea. I have to say that it felt more dangerous than Thessaloniki since some streets were chaotic and my brother almost got stolen. 

The weekend after I came back, I went with Alex to the ESN treasure hunt to take ideas in order to create our own for the guys (but we didn’t do it yet). We also went to one of the famous parties in Aristotle’s University and it was a little strange to me, I can’t explain it well but instead of a concert it was more like a social (or political) meeting and we were like outsiders from a film watching young people like us enjoying with a lot of energy in a destroyed place that is supposed to be used for studying. Finally, at the end of the month I went to Meteora, the place that I recommend the most and I would have preferred to have more time to visit. The monasterios in the top of the mountains were unbelievable and beautiful. I went just in one day with Alex, Muzzy and my Spanish friend Isabel because even if we love to discover new places we don’t have the money or the Erasmus students’ life since we work and have few days off.

Other than that, I’m always grateful for what I’m doing in my project. Building more relationships with the guys in the shelter, meeting more Afghanistan boys and improving my volleyball and German skills. Last thing left to say, now I accept life changes more easily. It’s natural for everyone and good to always search for what is best for us and the guys I met are really brave to have done it in that young age. This movement means development and since I saw it with my own eyes in this project I’m happy that we’re able to make these decisions. In this area I also wish the best to our flatmate and Italian friend Miriam that she left this month, see you in Venice inshallah 🙂