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Giusi Andriano_March 2021

European Solidarity Corps – ARSIS 2021 Monthly report 6 – Giusy

It’s March!

Until now we have literally overcome all the weather conditions: scorching sun, rain, snow, 30 degrees, 10 degrees… and now is like we and now with the onset of the milder temperatures, it is as if we are going back to the initial times, when we first arrived here.

I spent this month often remembering all the time I have spent in Thessaloniki so far, the way I grew up in some aspects of my personality and the way I have absorbed everything around me. I remembered all the time spent and the energy shared with people in the workplace, with friends of the greek breakdance community, the greek lessons with Panos, with volunteers from other organizations, and above all with my flatmates. I think that this throwback was due to two episodes: the first one the unexpected and very quick news that Ilaria, one of my best flatmates here, with whom since the beginning, we have shared everything we could, even the comb (!), would have to leave the project earlier.

Giusi Andriano March 2021

Together with my roommates we remembered the time spent with her and we surprised her with a series of souvenir printed photos.

The second thought was about preparing myself to think that the next month will be the last one for I will spend (totally) in full. This stimulates me to give my best both at work and also to take as much as possible of this magical city (restrictions permitting!).

At the end of this throwback I realize that it was hard to start, but it will certainly be harder to leave!

Despite the problems due to this big pandemic, I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to carry on this experience, carrying out my vocation in aid working, which in my opinion is one of the noblest ways to spend the lifetime.