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European Solidarity Corps – ARSIS – 2021


It’s February and it’s been more than an half the time of my experience in Greece.

Our house got bigger and more “italian”, thanks to the arrival of two new volunteers: Ginevra and Rossana. Ginevra, more pragmatic, and Rossana more idealistic, they arrived full of energy and with a full desire to start and to discover the City. We already did a little excursions together, within the limit of the government covid restrictions, and we are already organizing longer trips for when the restrictions will be softer (hopefully soon).

For what concerns my job in the House of Arsis, the interaction with guys has become much more spontaneous, thanks to the fact that we have increased mutual trust. This is a source of great satisfaction and motivation for me, because I realize we are sharing positive vibes!

Giusi Andriano February 2021

So, we move from doing homework to dance classes or from conversations about all kinds of moods with the oldest girls, to the football matches in the field near to the house with the youngest.

I am really proud of what we are doing, and on the feedback i receive from the guys; starting with the very little things: the runs to hug us with which they welcome us when we cross the front door, or the barriers on the door from “my little monster” not to let me go out, as soon i say “bye guys, see you next week”, or a simple thank you, is something that no need any logic explanations.