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Monthly report 7 – Giusy

I have reached the end of this incredible experience and, even if there are still ten days to go, I can say that this is my last update!

So I start…

I will finish my ESC project on the 9th of May and I am planning to spend one week more in this city, for many reasons: to take the advantage to make more trips, and for volunteering with QRT Quick Response Team: an organization which works in the refugee camps of Diavata and Vaiochori. Its job is mainly to offer support (food, blankets, clothes, medicines, medical support…) as a quick response of the basic needs of residents in the camps, in those moments when the government’s support isn’t enough. In addition, it provides formal and nonformal education for little girls.

I decided to stay more also because i want to spend all the Ramadan period here, that will be end on the 12th of May, to share with the muslis i knew, all the magic moments of this daily routine and, of course, the preparation of delicious meals to eat when the sun would be gone!

Taking part, for a few times, of some traditions different than mine, is something that fascinated me!

Last week at the House of Arsis, I enjoyed with Muna the preparation of a typical Somali dish, and it was so funny.

Giusi Andrianno April 2021

It is called “Sambusi” and is a triangle piece of paste done by flavor and water with meat, onion and spices inside. So delicious!

The third reason why I want to extend my stay here is to take advantage of the end of the restrictions (hopefully before summer) to explore places I haven’t seen yet, among them Χαλκιδική beaches!

If I have to give an account of this experience, I feel so lucky to have had the possibility to live for almost one year abroad, despite this pandemic where a lot of people cannot move and a lot of people have had to stop their work.

At the same time I feel proud of myself because carrying out this kind of experience, with a strong exposure to health risk, tests your awareness and willingness to move forward in this field.

I recognize that without the help of my organization, above all at the beginning, I would have much more difficulties in continuing my project.

I always will be grateful to ARSIS for that.

I will come back home with the awareness of the skills I have acquired in social work, with a greater awareness of myself, of my needs and of the interaction with others.