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This month has been very intense. It has started with the 18th birthday of one boy at the shelter, which was also one of my English students: we celebrated for the whole day and the day after he left the shelter because he was not a minor anymore. It has been very tough for me, because we were very bounded, so in the days after his departure I have thought a lot about him. 

We have also done a very nice trip in a ranch called Ziogas Western City in Λευκοχώρι with all the boys and some social workers of Pylaia. The place was amazing, there were a lot of animals, the space was huge and everybody had a lot of fun! We have ridden horses and it was the first time for some of the boys, so they were a little bit scared or nervous but they all really enjoyed it. After that, the boys did archery and later we had dinner all together at the ranch. It was really a beautiful day!

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Beside the work, I have said goodbye a lot of times during May: a lot of volunteers have finished their period of work here, so they had to leave. First of all, our amazing flatmate Giusi, that we still miss a lot! Then, also the people with whom I had become very close, some of whom I’ve known since my arrival in Thessaloniki. Some of them have planned to come back for vacations or for volunteering in the next months, so I hope I’ll be able to see them again before going back to Italy. 

 It has been really full of emotions but I’m still very happy about everything, moreover now everything has opened again, so we can go to Tabernas, to cafés, to regular bars and the curfew is not at 9pm anymore, so we are allowed to hang out outside for more time during the night. We are also allowed to travel around Greece, I can’t wait to do some trips during weekends to discover some beautiful places outside the region of Thessaloniki!

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