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November passed very quickly.

In the shelter there was one positive case, but luckily this time we were able to keep going. The children and young people are feeling the Christmas atmosphere, they want to create things with their hands to decorate the house and we are happy to help them. It’s nice to see how their eyes shine when they think of Father Christmas coming.

Another thing that struck me is how much E. always wants to be with us. We are not many years apart and it feels like we are relating to a real friend.

The weekends in November were studded with trips out of town: Kavala, the Meteora (how wonderful!), Ioannina and Mount Vikos. What beautiful mountains northern Greece has! When you think of Greece you don’t think of these areas. I feel very lucky to be so close to them and to have had the chance to discover them.
Also,  there was the second birthday, Anita’s birthday. For the occasion she decided to organise a dinner at home. I helped her to cook: lasagne and tiramisu, all typical Italian, preceded by a delicious Spanish aperitif. What a great feeling to be cooking together again!

Finally, we were lucky enough to be able to take part in the exhibition of Contemporary Art, which was very large and very diverse. And I had the chance to spend a wonderful Iran-themed evening in a “re-bonified” former factory, Yfanet, full of young people and activities also aimed at immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

Speaking of Christmas, Thessaloniki is beautiful and full of lights.