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December passed very quickly. At House of Arsis there has been a lot of work, including the last school holiday tasks, new courses for some of the children and Christmas art and craft. Anita and I helped at the Christmas self-financing bazaar: it was very nice to be able to participate and be useful on that occasion, the atmosphere was peaceful and fun. I hope it was the same for the children inside the shelter during the Christmas holidays.

I also loved the atmosphere in our house at this time. Our living room is amazing with the decoration and our Christmas afternoon and dinner all together were amazing. And we didn’t miss the Secret Santa either!

December was also a month of visits for me. Being able to guide and experience Thessaloniki more as a tourist during the festive days was magical: groups of people chatting lively around small and big tables, music coming from all the bars and lots of different good smells. It is always interesting to see the different habits and culture on these occasions. 

I am spending the last few days of the year away from Thessaloniki, although I am sorry not to be at the shelter during these very last days of the festivities.
I close the year continuing to have a lot of curiosity about what will happen inside House of Arsis and in Thessaloniki in general in the coming months. I remain very happy and grateful for this experience!