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As I have written in previous texts, in January I started working alone on my new project, leaving Oreocastro behind.

Raquel Florido Cortes 1 1

In relation to work, everything is also improving. I feel more and more comfortable with the kids at the educational and leisure centre where we spend part of our time. I am also getting to know more dynamics and activities related to the circus, as well as different realities.

On different occasions we have been intervening in gypsy communities to find out their needs, as well as in city parks where we come across cases of children working on the streets asking for money, among other things. Through crafts and games we get close to them and their families.

Raquel Florido Cortes 1 2

One of the most striking and novel experiences I have lived during this month of January, has been to participate in a performance, against the exploitation of children, in one of the most important and crowded streets of the city. We carried out this claim with the aim that people do not collaborate with money when they see minors working in the street, but with help, getting in touch with actions such as ARSIS or with clothes or food.

The result was quite positive and the reactions and sensations were quite diverse.

Raquel Florido Cortes 1 3

Last week we also started a social circus intervention in a tutored centre for unaccompanied minors. And really, it is an indescribable experience. The kids are really motivated, and so are we. We are getting many of them to have, to relate to each other, and to put their phones away to learn new things.

If I had to put a name to this third month, it would be adaptation. Now I really have the feeling that my life right now is nowhere but this city. Now I really have the feeling that I am not lost, but centered and calm, simply and enormously enjoying it.