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Central Greece


ARSIS’ mobile unit is based in Volos and its main goal is to support children, including unaccompanied and separated children, who live in camps in Thessaly. ARSIS team is responsible for identifying children, approaching them, providing information, creating and implementing a personalized protection plan based on each child’s needs, monitoring and assessing the case and providing psychosocial support. It also organizes group activities with children and adolescents, encouraging, building trust, empowering and developing their individual and social skills.

In the camp of Koutsochero, ARSIS mobile unit started its activities in early September 2017 offer psychosocial support services in the frame of Case Management and Child Protection, which was identified as a gap.

In Trikala and Volos camps, besides providing psychosocial support services, ARSIS mobile unit organized group activities for mothers, emotional education for children, workshops, recreational and athletic activities for children and adolescents, girls’ group etc. In addition, the team organized Greek language courses, with non-formal education tools for children and adolescents.

In 2017 Mobile Unit of Central Greece provided aim to 350 individuals (127 adults and 223 children).

Mobile Unit activities are a part of the “ESTIA” -the Emergency Support to Integration and Accommodation-program which is implemented by UNHCR in collaboration with the local authorities and NGOs and funded by the European Union Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid (ECHO).