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PRESS RELEASE – July 30: World Day against Trafficking in Persons

Children:Victims of human smuggling and trafficking

20 percent of human trafficking victims worldwide are children; in certain areas of Africa and Southeast Asia trafficked children even make up the majority of the victims. This is the sad result of a UN report on Human Trafficking, published on the 30th of July, the World Day against Trafficking in Persons.

With increased refugee and migration flows to Europe new challenges arise as well as they allow human movement to get directly related to human trafficking. Even though children are the most vulnerable it is still extremely difficult to get them formally identified as victims of trafficking.

ARSIS estimates that around 700 unaccompanied refugee minors as well as Roma children from the Balkan countries have been detected on the streets of Thessaloniki and are subject to various forms of exploitation.

Furthermore, it has also been estimated that 60% or 65% of unaccompanied refugee minors arriving in  Greece have experienced kidnapping. Within the first six months of the current year the StreetWork teams of ARSIS – Association for the Social Support of Youth, identified 190 minors victims of kidnapping right after having crossed the Greek borders. The traffickers ask the parents for ransom in order to release their minor children.

ARSIS looks after the trafficked children by providing them with legal, social and psychological assistance. It also takes action to protect them in camps by creating safe zones, and supplies accommodation, such as apartments and shelters.

The PIER Program – Protection, Integration and Education for Refugees in Greece, Italy and Austria implemented with the support of “The Coca-Cola Foundation” ( ) enables ARSIS to raise awareness and bring human trafficking to public notice.

For further information:

  • Sophia Papadopoulou, psychologist, tel. 6946 904555
  • Thomas Charalampidis, lawyer, tel. 6932 357878

Download the Press Release here.