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PRESS RELEASE: Intercultural Adolescent Meeting in Edessa

The Youth Support Centre of ARSIS NGO visits today (27/4) the city of Edessa for an intercultural meeting of adolescents, in order to promote the collaboration and solidarity between people without discriminations.

More specifically, this year, 28 students from the 1st High School of Edessa, 21 students from the Insitut Can Puig of Sant Perede Ribes of Catalonia and 8 students from the Özel Gökçeada Rum Ortaokulve Lisesi of Imvros are implementing an innovative project on the eTwinning online learning platform entitled “Contemporary Odysseus”. The aim of the project is the students from Greece, Spain and Turkey to investigate, raise and answer questions regarding the immigration phenomenon and the refugee crisis in Europe. As part of this program, the Youth Support Centre sets up a Park with wooden toys and constructions in the city’s Environmental Park, aiming at the interaction and acquaintance of the teenagers participating in the “Contemporary Odysseys” project with the teenagers hosted in Shelters for Unaccompanied Minors of ARSIS. The event involves 70 teenagers from Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Greece, Turkey and Spain, who dedicate four hours of playing in order to prove that communication is much more than a common language.

The Youth Support Center operates under the program “Organizing the supporting network for social integration and empowerment of minor refugees and their families in the Thessaloniki area” in collaboration with ASB (Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund), funded by the German Federal Foreign Ministry – GFM. 

See the press release here.