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I came to Thessaloniki later than all my friends. However, I didn’t feel any negative
sides of it. Now that I am here, I want to enjoy every moment of my staying. I’m from Turkey
and I have lived in Istanbul for the last 5 years. So, Thessaloniki feels much calmer and quiet place to live. My life routine is pretty clear now. I’m volunteer at KYN. I’m an English
teacher and I will continue to teach English along with other courses that I can contribute at
KYN. I feel like I already adjusted to my environment in here. I enjoy spending my time with
KYN students.

In September we had on-arrival training from Greek National Agency. It lasted one
week. We all learned everything about Erasmus+ in general. Also, it was a great opportunity
to meet other volunteers all over Greece. We shared our experiences related to our projects.
I have visited a few places in my free time. Of course, the first place was Atatürk’s
House. Discovering the shared history of Thessaloniki is an amazing phenomenon. I see lots of landmarks carrying the sings of all the eras of Thessaloniki. The places with this much history have way different vibe than newly built cities. I visited Ano Poli and Archaeology Museum of Thessaloniki. I have seen spectacular artifacts and relics.
I made some Greek friends and they are leading me to discover the city’s lifestyle
aspects. I think everything is so far so good. I believe it will be like this throughout my