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With the beginning of February the Countdown was coming closer. It was a good month full of personal thoughts and closing processes. I continued with the new project in Filoxenio, the shelter for vulnerable refugee families and I enjoyed a lot being surrounded by children. I am used to that and I realized I had missed it. 

During the time in Filoxenio I supported the activities of the educator, Olga, and we did many games and workshops. Most of the children do not speak English so it was difficult for me to have a conversation with them, but at the same time it is very nice and easy to communicate with hem through many other tools, such as games, smiles, and interaction in general. 

On the other hand, I continued spending some of my time in SIL, and the English classes continued, already knowing that it was coming to an end.

Outside of the projects the life in the city became every time more real and natural for me. Now I can say I feel I am also part of the local community and that I like the life here.