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Thinking about the month of November brings many things to my mind. All these things have been part of what could be considered the second part of this project, the second beginning, or recommencement.
At the end of October I went to Spain for two weeks, with a clear idea in my head that I had to reconsider my role in the House of Arsis and re-understand who I am there and how best to relate to the children. I felt very tired, and I knew that for the rest of the project I would be the only volunteer working there, after my friend Miriam left.
Looking back and knowing that I don’t feel the same anymore makes me feel very proud, for having faced the problem and having already started many changes that have improved my situation. This month has been a month of moving forward professionally and stepping out of my comfort zone.
I have done different activities with the children every week; we have created frisbees with paper plates, necklaces with clay and paints, rings and bracelets with aluminum, and houses with wooden sticks. When I was thinking about activities with the kids a month ago, all I could say was that I was blocked. Now, although this is still a challenge, I sit down with them and think together about things we would like to do.
A highlight this month has been our weekly sports sessions. We have done ab routines, jumping jacks, running and even yoga. It is one of my favorite activities with them and it has really brought us together. It is an activity that has taught me to do it with them and not for them, and that my energy is transmitted to them as much as theirs is to me.
This month has also given me a more critical view of what I do, I have been able to reflect autonomously on all those things that were being an obstacle for me and also to find a solution to what can be solved. In short, this month has empowered me and has marked a new and different beginning.
The bad weather has arrived, and this is a challenge for all of us. Many times it rains and it is cold, so I can’t be outside playing with the children. This is going to be a regular situation in the coming months and I am sure it will be an effort to learn to interact with them in other conditions.
During this month I made two beautiful trips; Volos and Kastoria. I especially liked Kastoria for its landscapes and the tranquility. And in both of them the most important thing was the company 🙂
Finally, this month we had to say goodbye to our colleague and friend Alice, who has had the opportunity to continue learning her passion in Italy, but leaving a void here for which we will miss her very much.